Serving Our Neighbors

Here are just a few of the ways we're serving our neighbors . . .


Christian Community Action

Our church serves at the CCA Food Pantry every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  We also participate in CCA's Angel Tree each Christmas.


Faculty Commons

One of our missionaries, Paul Hartgrove (who also happens to be an MPC Deacon), serves faculty members at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Paul is on staff with Faculty Commons.



A little change can change a life!  Each MPC family has a LifeChange jar at home.  Throughout the month we fill it up with loose change and other offerings.  Then, on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we all bring our LifeChange jars and add them to our morning offering.  Each month's LifeChange offering goes to support one of our missionaries, Josue Mayo in Mexico.  The rest goes to support a local ministry of mercy.  (To get your LifeChange jar, contact the Church Office.)


Exodus Ministries

Each Christmas our families provide a Christmas meal and gifts for the women and children at Exodus Ministries in Dallas.  We have also taken teams to serve at Exodus, everything from planting to painting!