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Advent Sermon Series | The Wonder of Welcome

Our Advent Sermon Series this year is The Wonder of Welcome: Unlikely Witnesses to the Birth of the ...Read More

Pearls, Porcine, and Prudence - Dealing with Matthew 7:6

Sermon: “A Community that Judges Rightly” Series: Being a Community Formed in Jesus' Na...Read More

The Problem With Holiday Happiness

Happiness is talked about, expected, and hoped for more in December than in any other month in our ...Read More

The Promise of Christmas Joy

[This post is a follow up to "The Problem with Holiday Happiness".] I had never thought about it un...Read More

What Does Loving My Neighbor Mean for Me?

“At its best, ‘missional’ describes not a special activity of the church but the...Read More

Grace-Filled Leaders: A Job Description

Sermon: “Grace-Filled Leaders: A Job Description” Series: Grace for the Church, Hope fo...Read More

Grace-Filled Leaders: A Case Study

Sermon: “Grace-Filled Leaders: A Case Study” Series: Grace for the Church, Ho...Read More

Knowing the Holy Spirit

Sermon: “Knowing the Holy Spirit” Series: Stand-alone message, not part of a ...Read More